24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths


24 Hour emergency locksmiths in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County

“Need your business re-keyed?  Need to provide keyless access control?  Need innovative access control for your employees?  Need duplicate keys?
Ventura Locksmiths is the preferred contractor for numerous Ventura City and Ventura County buildings for commercial locksmith services.  We offer affordable rates, fast mobile and emergency service too.”

Residential 24HR emergency:Lockout-Collage

  • Broken Key
  • Vandalism
  • Broken Locks or Stolen Keys
  • Emergency Rekey Service due to:
    • Roommate moving out
    • Divorce dispute
    • Moving in to new home and need locks REKEYED
  • Home/condo/apartment Lockout
  • Mailbox Lockout or missing keys
  • “The wind blew my door and now my front door lock is not securing my home”

Commercial 24HR emergency:

  • “I let go of an employee and we did not end in good terms, I need my business rekeyed today”
  • “Someone stole my keys from my desk and it controls multiple doors, I need to change the locks today ASAP”
  • “My employees are not able to close the front door, I can’t leave my business un-secured….please come today and secure the front door”
  • “I cannot get into my business safe to retrieve my petty cash, can you have someone open my safe today….YES……It’s for my business and my employees need to get some documents and money out, can you service today?……YES”
  • “My door is not closing properly or is slamming shut to fast…..potential liability if it hurts one of our walk-in customers…..can you help me today….YES”
  • “I cannot open my desk lock and need to retrieve important documents, can you have someone help me right now…..YES”
  • “I have a business in Santa Barbara near State Street, the lock just fell apart. I need to repair or replace it today, can you help? …..YES we can”

Happy Locksmith Customer!Automotive Locksmiths

  • Vandalism (stolen car keys, damaged trunk/door lock, damaged ignition lock switch) *We can restore your vehicle the way the factory had it.
  • “Broken Car key and cannot get vehicle in a running condition”
  • “Key wont go inside my door/ ignition lock.”
  • “I have a smart key and my vehicle will not unlock my car”
  • “I have a Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, etc. and accidentally left keys in trunk”
  • “I was walking by the beach and I might have dropped my only car keys, tried to look everywhere and it’s getting dark….can you make me a new car key tonight?…YES!”
  • “My dog chewed my only Smart Key for my BMW, can you help me, please…..YES we can”
  • “I went surfing this morning and forgot that I had my car keys with me….car wont start”