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Our Reviews Are Key!

We can tell you all day long about how well we take care of our customers, but we thought you’d rather hear it from our customers directly.  Here are the 3 most recent reviews from Yelp! and a link below to all of our reviews for you to check us out more.

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Important Disclaimer about Ventura Locksmiths Reviews

All of our reviews have been created by working hard to please our customers each and every time. We do not offer incentives or rewards to our customers for writing reviews (we know some locksmiths do and we don’t think it creates a realistic picture for you). We believe the review system should remain a natural process that is simply created by customer’s real experiences of the businesses they review, including ours.

We know that in this day and age, organically created customer reviews of our company speaks louder and holds more influence than anything we can tell you about us. For that reason, we will continue to work tirelessly, with upbeat and super-helpful attitudes to give YOU our best service each time.

Thank you for considering Ventura Locksmiths!